About Us

West End Water Supply Corporation, with the help of the West End Lions Club, who sponsored the project, began in 1973 with the planning stages, and became a Corporation in February 1974, signed by Secretary of State Mark White.

Land for the Industry Well was donated to the Corporation by Milton and Adela Lindemann of Industry, Texas, behind the old Lindemann store on Main Street.

The first board members were: Thomas Richter, President; Jay C. Buenger, Vice-President; Clinton Blezinger, Scretary/Treasurer; directors; Joe R. Zanek, L.J. Luedecke, Edward Krause, Edwin Kuehn.

1977-1978 the planning stages for the extension were formulated. The area to be included West of Shelby, City of Round Top and Latium. Counties of Austin, Fayette and Washington. The construction of the Shelby Well started in August of 1980 and was completed in July 1981.

The Board Directors at this time were Thomas Richter, President; Melvin Schultz, Vice-President; D. Rinn, Secretary; Eddie Pilcik, Treasurer; Directors W.C. Weinert, Eddie Krause, Milroy Krebs.

In 1997, discussion began about the need for a third well. In 1999, site of the Willow Springs Well was purchased. Work started on the well in March 2000. In August of 2001 the well was up and running.

The Board of Directors at this time were Milroy Krebs, President; Frank Johnston, Vice-President; Karen Marek, Secretary; Eddie Pilcik, Treasurer; Directors Thomas Richter, Jay D. Rinn, Russell Wait, Rocky Luetge, Donald Huebner.

In 2009 discussion began about a storage tank for the Town of Round Top. In 2011 the land for the storage tank was purchased. The storage tank for Round Top was online in August 2012.

Also in 2012 it was decided that due to the growth of the system, West End Water would need to drill a fourth well. The engineer found that there was water at the Round Top Storage location and a test hole was drilled in February 2013. The new well was up and running in August of 2013.

The Board of Directors were Russel Wait, President; Barnell Albers, Vice-President; Doris Wolff, Secretary/ Treasurer; Directors Steven Krebs, W. Justin Huebner, Carol Johnson, Oscar Voelkel, Kenneth Hetzel, Wendell Rudloff.