New Service Request

Welcome to the West End Water Supply Corporation Community. Please contact our office by phone at 979-357-2389 or you can print out the forms from our Forms & Reports tab to apply for service. Choose the option below that best suits your service area. We look forward to serving your water needs.


New Service: If there is not an existing meter servicing the property please contact the office for a estimate. New service application required forms are as follows: Service application, installment agreement, and Easement. 


Transfer of Service: If the property currently has water service please fill out the transfer application forms. The required transfer forms are as follows: Service application, Transfer authorization (both parties will need to fill this out) , and Easement form.


Non-standard application forms: (sub-divisions, mobile home park, large meters, etc.) Contact the office for all of the non standard application forms. A basic non-standard application form is available. The non-standard application is for a proposed residential subdivision, mobile home park, larger meter, multi-use facility, etc.  


The customer reads meter and Service rate forms are for customer information.